Enya "The Humming" (video)

Enya 'The Humming' (video)
Bubblebath soundtrack specialist Enya has a new album called Dark Sky Island coming out on November 20 through Warner Bros. Records, and with that date a week away, fans can get into a meditative headspace ahead of time thanks to a lyric video for "The Humming."

The song's swing rhythm gives it a slightly folksy feel despite an arrangement that emphasizes the musician's usual soft, pillowy new age sounds and gentle synth-based palette. The title of "The Humming" comes from the chorus, which consists solely of Crash Test Dummies-style "mmm mmm mmm"-ing. The lyrics describe the sea and the stars, and the accompanying visuals take us on a fantastical journey into the ocean and through the cosmos.

Watch the clip below.