Clipse "Kinda Like a Big Deal"

Clipse 'Kinda Like a Big Deal'
Gearing up for the September release of Till the Casket Drops, their third album and first for Columbia Records, Virginia hip-hop duo Clipse are streaming a hot new video for the single, "Kinda Like a Big Deal." The good news here is that the Thornton brothers (a.k.a. Malice and Pusha T) sound hungrier than ever on this DJ Khali-produced track, which gets a boost from Kanye West.

If there's a disconnect between Ye's verse and the tone expressed by Clipse, it could be because his participation on this track is somewhat inadvertent. Apparently, K.West originally penned his part for T.I.'s "On Top of the World," (check his first line, "Hey yo, I'm sittin' on toppa the...") only to be replaced on the track by Ludacris. So while Clipse self-reflexively joke about how "the third time's a charm" and rap about being "big deals," West sorta does too, suggesting he's like the "black Marshall (Mathers?)" and getting with a girl from special ed. You heard me.

Watch Clipse and Kanye West in the video for "Kinda Like a Big Deal" here.