Broken Social Scene Embrace AI for Their New "Can't Find My Heart" Video

The clip features an endless vortex of performance footage filtered through artificial intelligence-created textures
Broken Social Scene Embrace AI for Their New 'Can't Find My Heart' Video
Broken Social Scene are heading back into our lives with a new video, which has been crafted with a little help of AI.

"Can't Find My Heart," from this year's Let's Try the After — Vol. 2, has received a new clip by director Josh Usheroff, who pieced together "an endless vortex of performance footage run through a series of style transfers and surreal artificial intelligence-created textures." This came with the help Alex Mordvintsev, a pioneer in neural network generated visuals and creator of Google's DeepDream.

"I am fascinated by the changes that AI and machine learning are bringing to all aspects of our culture. I wanted to see how this technology was being used in more creative disciplines," explained Usheroff in a statement. "I started researching generative art and came across a video by Alex Mordvintsev. The video featured a series of still images zooming and transforming into one another. The results were mesmerizing."

For the BSS video, wanted to create a similar effect, though with video instead of still images.

Usheroff continued, "We captured the performance visuals in Montreal just a few hours before the band's concert. My creative partner, Ben Goloff, sequenced the performances and applied style transfers to give the images a surreal and almost painterly aesthetic. We then sent the files to Alex to work his DeepDream magic."

Down below, you can see how this all plays out for yourself in the seriously psychedelic clip for "Can't Find My Heart."

Earlier this year, Broken Social Scene released a pair of EPs: Let's Try the After  Vol. 1 and Let's Try the After — Vol. 2.