Big Business Ready New Album, Add New Member

Big Business Ready New Album, Add New Member
Paring stoner/sludge metal down to its basic elements of drums and bass was the initial modus operandi for Seattle-based outfit Big Business, featuring Karp's Jared Warren and former Murder City Devil Coady Willis. Efforts such as 2005's Head for the Shallow and 2007's Here Come the Waterworks are respected as thundering amalgams of Warren's previous band mangling the Melvins and ages-old duo GodheadSilo. Naturally, despite claiming no need for guitar, eventually six-string slinger Toshi Kasai was brought on for the Waterworks tour.

And now it's his turn to shine, as Big Business announce the release of their tertiary effort. In the band for a year, he has finally laid down some tracks on forthcoming album Mind The Drift, which will be hitting stores in April. Vinyl nerds get a slight advance, as the twelve-inch version will be offered on March 31. Digital roamers who can't wait that long are invited to visit Spin's website to download the tune "Gold and Final."

Other than Kasai's recorded debut though, little else seems to have changed with the band. Hydra Head Records will release the affair, produced by Phil Ek, who has manned the boards for Big Business' last two opuses.

Mind The Drift tracklisting:

1. "Found Art"
2. "Gold and Final"
3. "Cats, Mice"
4. "I Got It Online"
5. "The Drift"
6. "The Ayes Have It"
7. "Cold Lunch"
8. "Theme From Big Business II"