Autolux "Audience No. 2"

Autolux "Audience No. 2"
I think anyone still keeping tabs on L.A.’s Autolux can admit that something had to give after four years. In their eight years, the trio of Carla Azar, Greg Edwards and Eugene Goreshter have released one EP (2001’s Demonstration) and an album (Future Perfect), and yet there are many people hanging on with bated breath for some kind of follow-up – including myself.

Personally, I’ve always found Autolux fascinating, not just because they deal fantastically complex dream pop, but because of their past experience (Azar was in Ednaswap and Edwards was in Failure) and the fact that they were signed to the Coen Brothers’ label, DMZ, which is co-owned with the esteemed T-Bone Burnett (of course, that label folded and they’re now with Epic).

The first new music in four years – if you don’t count their collaboration with UNKLE on last year’s "Persons & Machinery” – "Audience No. 2” is the official first single from the forthcoming Transit Transit, which according to Wikipedia "is expected to be released eventually.” (Wow, great, thanks for that confirmation.)

With a flickering drum beat that sounds like Can’s Jaki Liebezeit sat in on the session in place of Azar, the track doesn’t scream "hit single,” but then nothing of Autolux’s scant discography has to date – a reason why I seem to like them so much. Instead of settling into a simple melody, which they’ve hinted at several times in the past, the trio flutter in and out of minor chords, launching into a tangent, releasing feedback and dropping meaningful text like "I have always been your vegetable
and you my Swedenborg.”

Best of all, "Audience No. 2” is free to download at the band’s website.